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The uncle of murdered Luqman beaten 101 Unverified

10:36 Apr 02, 2013

The uncle of the Shezad Luqman who was murdered in Petralona earlier in the year was attacked outside a laiki in Athens. He was selling koulouria... More Information » « Less Information

laiki in central Athens

Three migrants beaten with knuckle duster and then arrested and denied medical attention 16 Verified

18:00 Mar 31, 2013

KEERFA reports: six people in black clothes attacked three migrants (Bilal Amin, Imran Sidic, Ijiaz Ahmet) causing injuries to the head with... More Information » « Less Information

Dede ke Megalou Alexandrou, Attiki, Greece

Announcement on train loudspeakers for migrants to leave train 591 Verified

20:20 Feb 25, 2013

While a train was stationed at Attiki station, towards Kiffisia an announcement was made for all foreigners to leave the train. The announcement... More Information » « Less Information

Attiki, Athens, Greece

Moroccan man attacked by group of teenagers 115 Verified

23:30 Feb 23, 2013

Moroccan man attacked by group of teenagers was injured to the head and chest before local shop owners intervened. The following Monday he went... More Information » « Less Information

Chania, Greece

Police storm detention center and beat hunger strikers 384 Verified

18:00 Feb 17, 2013

A hunger strike that had been going on since the 21st of February was attacked by police. The United Movement Against Racism and the Fascist... More Information » « Less Information

Acharnes, Greece

Four hunger strikers beaten in detention 108 Verified

14:00 Feb 17, 2013

Four hunger strikers at Drapetsonas police department beaten by police after having been trasferred from Nikaias police department where the... More Information » « Less Information

Keratsini-Drapetsona, Greece

26 year old Shehzad Luqman stabbed and killed in Petralona



26 year old Shehzad Luqman stabbed and killed in Petralona 7581 Verified

03:30 Feb 17, 2013

26 year old Pakistani, Shehzad Luqman, biking on his way to work stabbed and killed by two men on a motorcycle in the early morning in Petralona,... More Information » « Less Information

Petralona, Athens, Greece

Three workers from Pakistan were attacked by seven "Golded Dawn" (greek neonazi party) members 113 Verified

15:00 Feb 14, 2013

Three workers from Pakistan were attacked by seven "Golded Dawn" (greek neonazi party) members. One of the attackers was recognised as a teacher... More Information » « Less Information

Vainia, Ierapetra, Crete

Two young men from Burkino Faso and Ghana beaten in Themistokleous 5 Verified

18:55 Feb 10, 2013

Five friends from Ghana and Burkino Faso were in Exarheia when police started chasing them. Two who had no immigration papers tried to escape... More Information » « Less Information

Themistokleous, Athens, Greece

Golden Dawn threatens Medicin du Monde clinic in Perama 15 Verified

12:00 Feb 07, 2013

Workers and patients at the Medicin du Monde clinic in Perama threatened by members of Golden Dawn who had gathered outside and were chanting. More Information » « Less Information

Xenofontos 1-7, Perama 188 63, Greece

51-60 of 211 Reports
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