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Eye witness account: Golden Dawn members badly beat a migrant in Metaxourgeion 74 Unverified

20:00 Nov 24, 2013

We went to see the play Woyzeck in Attis theatre on Leonidou Street in Metaxourgeio on Sunday the 24th of November. Before we got to the show... More Information » « Less Information

Leonidou, Athens, Greece

Pakistani employee threatened and severely beaten by employer 44 Unverified

13:00 Nov 24, 2013

KEERFA reports: A racist attack against a migrant worker took place on Sunday 24/11 in Porto Rafti. The Pakistani worker was physical assaulted... More Information » « Less Information

Porto Rafti, Greece

Man attacked in his car on his way home from work 38 Unverified

19:00 Nov 13, 2013

KEERFA reports: A man was attacked by another man dressed in black as he was heading home from work. According to Vares Mohammad, he was on... More Information » « Less Information

Κολωνού, Athens, Greece

Iranian man has his ear bitten off is beaten and then faces deportation 81 Unverified

21:00 Oct 18, 2013

Saïd from Iran was talking on the phone on Metaxourghiou Square when he was attacked by three men dressed in black. "He bit my ear with his... More Information » « Less Information

Metaxourgio, Athina, Greece

Five Pakistanis beaten by their employers with bats and then arrested 176 Unverified

20:00 Oct 16, 2013

Five men from pakistan who were working for two breeders (father & son) refused to work because they had not been paid for months and because... More Information » « Less Information

Messara, Crete, Greece

Man from Philippines attacked by four men wearing Golden Dawn t-shirts 562 Unverified

20:00 Sep 25, 2013

A man from the Philippines was surrounded by four men wearing Golden Dawn T-shirts by Syngrou-Fix metro station who asked him if he was working.... More Information » « Less Information

ΣΤ.ΣΥΓΓΡΟΥ-ΦΙΞ, Athens, Greece

Bangladeshi man attacked with knife on the train 46 Unverified

13:50 Sep 21, 2013

29/5/2012 a Bangladesh national 33year old was attacked with a knife in the underfgfround train in front of dozens of passengers. More Information » « Less Information

Athens, Greece

22 year-old from Somalia attacked by three men in black 343 Unverified

20:00 Sep 20, 2013

As Fachat Mohammed Buton from Somalia was walking through Attiki square he was attacked and beaten by three men dressed in black shouting racist... More Information » « Less Information

Platia Attiki, Greece

Seven year-old Roma girl playing the accordion pushed and shoved by older woman for "not paying taxes" 186 Unverified

15:26 Sep 17, 2013

Young Roma girl playing the accordion is pushed away and shoved by a middle aged woman with her foot who tells everyone around that the girl... More Information » « Less Information

By the Acropolis, Dionysiou Areopagitou, Athens, Greece

Afghani man attacked by Golden Dawn in Volos 531 Unverified

22:16 Sep 01, 2013

A friend from Afghanistan was attacked by members of Xrisi Avgi (Golden Dawn) in Volos. He was on his own and two women started teasing him.... More Information » « Less Information

Volos, Greece

21-30 of 211 Reports
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