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45 year old member of Golden Dawn rapes a 15 year old Albanian girl 22 Unverified

20:00 Feb 15, 2012

Α 45 years old member of Golden Dawn raped a 15 years old girl from Albania. He then threatened her parents that they would have troubles with... More Information » « Less Information


Man attacked on bus, busdriver intervenes 4 Unverified

20:00 Feb 03, 2012

A man from Pakistan was on the 711 bus when four fascists came and stated that all foreigners had to leave the bus. The bus driver tried to... More Information » « Less Information

Bus 711 from Agii Anargiri towards Attiki square, Greece

42 arrests and 2 injured as Golden Dawn members harass people at Omonia station 56 Unverified

21:55 Jan 29, 2012

After a Golden Dawn march a large group entered Omonia station and started harassing and beating migrants. Two were injured before police arrived... More Information » « Less Information

Omonia station, Greece

Group of 20 people enter ISAP train shouting racist slogans and beating migrants with bats 335 Unverified

15:00 Jan 28, 2012

A group of 20 people enter an ISAP train at Monastiraki station, and, moving from train wagon to train wagon, shout racist slogans and beating... More Information » « Less Information

Monastiraki station, Athina, Greece

A 31 year old migrant attacked and robbed by ten schoolboys 52 Unverified

14:00 Jan 23, 2012

Ikbal Amar, 31 years old was attacked by a group of around 10 schoolboys outside the 4th High School of Kallithea. They started beating him... More Information » « Less Information

Thisseos and Skopeftiriou, Kallithea, Greece

Houses of immigrants robbed by police in area of Acharnon 134 Unverified

15:00 Jan 11, 2012

Statement by local councilor Petros Constantinou in letter of complaint submitted to the police on 01/18/2012: "On Wednesday, 11th of January... More Information » « Less Information

Acharnon, Athens, Greece

Douglas, asylum seeker from Ghana beaten by ten men and their dogs 10 Verified

21:00 Jan 09, 2012

Douglas Ebenezer Kesse, an asylum seeker from Ghana was attacked by approximately ten men. They asked him where he was from, then rushed at... More Information » « Less Information

Athens, Greece

Police evict migrants and burn immigration documents 59 Unverified

06:30 Jan 05, 2012

Early in the morning police kicked in the door to an abandoned factory (Πειραϊκής – Πατραϊκής) where migrants were living, waking them up, arresting... More Information » « Less Information

Old factory, Πειραϊκής – Πατραϊκής, Patra, Greece

Safar - Afghan asylum seeker and vice president of Nour Afghan Cultural Association beaten by group of 10-15 men 11 Verified

20:00 Dec 23, 2011

Safar Haidari, a 29-year old Afghan asylum seeker and vice-president of the Nour Afghan cultural association attacked. A group of 10-15 men... More Information » « Less Information

Athens, Greece

Fifteen men attacked Mehdi from Afghanistan and his two friends with metal sticks and clubs 10 Verified

15:00 Dec 12, 2011

Mehdi Naderi from Afghanistan and two of his friends attacked with wooden and metal sticks by approximately 15 men and chased for a long time.... More Information » « Less Information

Athens, Greece

181-190 of 211 Reports
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