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Two Afghani men on a motorbike were attacked and one broke a leg when someone in a car that crashed them 59 Unverified

00:00 Nov 06, 2012

Two men from Afghanistan were riding on a motorbike when they were attacked by a car and crashed. One of them broke a leg. Source: page 119... More Information » « Less Information

Agias Sofias, Patra, Greece

Afghani man beaten badly with an iron bat by seven people 14 Unverified

00:00 Nov 06, 2012

One Afghani was attacked by a guy with an iron bat when he was going back home. When he fell down six people surrounded him and beat him. He... More Information » « Less Information

KTEL bus station, Othonos kai Amalias, Patra, Greece

Three masked men attack Bangladeshi man 7 Unverified

12:00 Nov 05, 2012

Three masked men attack a Bangladeshi collecting metal for recycling. He was subsequently taken to the hospital and out of danger. More Information » « Less Information

Faliro, Greece

Attacks on migrant shops continue over several days after incident on the 31st 24 Unverified

14:00 Nov 03, 2012

Attacks on shops owned by migrants on Agiou Meletioy continues over several days after incident on the 31st ( More Information » « Less Information

Agiou Meletiou, Athens, Greece

Walid Taleb from Egypt chained and tortured for 19 hours by employer 99 Verified

03:00 Nov 03, 2012

29 year old Walid Taleb from Egypt is chained, kidnapped and held in a barn by his employer, the baker Georgios Sgourdas (former local councillor... More Information » « Less Information

Ippokratous, Salamis Island, Greece

An Algerian migrant is stabbed as pogroms against migrants continue 17 Unverified

21:00 Nov 02, 2012

As pogroms continue after the incident on the 31st ( a migrant from Algeria is stabbed. Source:... More Information » « Less Information

Agiou Meletiou, Athens, Greece

Attack on local hairdresser sparks pogrom against migrant shops 81 Verified

14:00 Oct 31, 2012

A break-in and attack on local hairdresser in the area of Agios Panteleimonas sparks mob attacks on migrant owned local shops starting on the... More Information » « Less Information

Agiou Meletiou, Athens, Greece

Mosque attacked by more than 12 people on motorbikes 19 Unverified

14:40 Oct 27, 2012

As people where exiting Zikria mosque in Metamorfosi more than twelve people attacked and started beating three victims with punches and kicks.... More Information » « Less Information

Zikria Mosque in Metamorfosi, Athens, Greece

Police beat two migrants and forcing another migrant to participate 412 Unverified

20:00 Oct 21, 2012

Two migrants were beaten by a cop and forced another migrant to beat them as well. The next day 13 migrants detainees went on hunger strike.... More Information » « Less Information

Piraeus police station, Athens, Greece

81-90 of 211 Reports
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