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Cidiki from Senegal attacked by man and two kids 13 Verified

21:00 Nov 26, 2011

Attack on Cidiki, a 36-year old Senegalese asylum seeker, by one man and two kids. Police brought Cidiki and the two kids who had been held... More Information » « Less Information

Anargyroi-Kamatero, Greece

20-25 people beat Somali man, breaking a bone in his face 16 Verified

15:00 Oct 29, 2011

Hassan Mohammed, a 25 year-old Somali man beaten unconscious by 20-25 people who broke a bone under his eye. (Exact time unverified.) More Information » « Less Information

3is Septemvriou, Athens, Greece

Golden Dawn continue attacks for a week, targeting migrants on buses 855 and 881 9 Unverified

20:00 Sep 12, 2011

After a weekend of severe attacks Golden Dawn members continue attacks on migrants, targeting people on buses 855 and 881, taking migrants off... More Information » « Less Information

Aspropirgos, West Attica, Greece

Attacks on migrant neighbourhood by Golden Dawn members continues 28 Unverified

20:00 Sep 10, 2011

As the severe attacks on migrants houses in Aspropyrgos continue Javed Aslam from the Pakistani Association meets with the police at Aspropyrgos... More Information » « Less Information

Aspropirgos, West Attica, Greece

Seventeen people beaten badly as Golden Dawn begin a week long pogrom against neighborhood 172 Unverified

20:00 Sep 09, 2011

More than 50 people from Golden Dawn enter a neighborhood where many migrants live and start beating people. In one day seventeen people were... More Information » « Less Information

Aspropirgos, West Attica, Greece

Severe physical attack and theft 22221 Unverified

03:30 Jul 20, 2011

Man walking through the Roloi area in the central Ioannina square, attacked by two males who threatened to strangle him and rape him and took... More Information » « Less Information

Ioannina, Greece

At least 25 people injured and hospitalised after a month of anti-immigrant pogroms 5 Unverified

15:00 May 12, 2011

Hundreds of black-clad fascist youth chased migrants and beat them in a month long period of anti-migrant pogroms in "revenge" for a Greek man,... More Information » « Less Information

Athens, Greece

15 Golden Dawn members with knives threaten lefties, chased away by migrants and locals 9 Unverified

10:51 Mar 09, 2010

A group of 15 golden dawn members turn up with knives at Platia Agoras where a group of lefties were handing out flyers announcing a strike... More Information » « Less Information

Platia Agoras, Chania, Greece

61-68 of 68 Reports
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