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DIAS police attack 27 year old migrant 6 Unverified

09:40 Sep 18, 2012

Four DIAS police on two motorbikes stopped some migrants and asked who was the oldest and who could speak Greek. 27 year old Tzaan Hasan (spelling... More Information » « Less Information

Corner of Thivon and Pelasgias, Athens, Greece

Golden Dawn members break nose of a man who is then threatened by police to report it as an attack by Pakistanis instead 39 Unverified

17:00 Sep 16, 2012

Chalen Tzaved (spelling uncertain) was attacked by a group of 12 members of Golden Dawn. His nose was broken and he went to the hospital.... More Information » « Less Information

Platia 28is Oktovriou(Mpournaziou), Peristeri, Greece

Market vendors in Μεσολόγγι attacked by group of Golden Dawn members led by MP Barbarousis 22 Verified

16:00 Sep 08, 2012

A day after the attacks on the street market in Rafina (see another group of Golden Dawn members,... More Information » « Less Information

Mesolongion, Greece

Golden Dawn attack migrants washing car windows in Kalamata 16 Unverified

15:00 Sep 08, 2012

Golden Dawn members, according to «Ελευθερία» attacked migrants who were washing car windows at intersections in Kalamata. Golden Dawn issued... More Information » « Less Information

Kalamata, Greece

Egyptian man beaten and dragged from a car for 1km by two men in Nea Manolada, Illia 285 Unverified

21:00 Aug 25, 2012

Egyptian man beaten tortured and was then attached and dragged from a car for 1km by two men in Nea Manolada, Illia. He managed to get to Varda... More Information » « Less Information

Nea Menolada, Illia, Greece

Golden Dawn MP physically attacks visiting president of Pakistani Community Association and Syriza MP in parliament courtyard 13 Verified

15:00 Aug 25, 2012

Golden Dawn MP Dimitri Koukoutsi attacks Syriza MP Katrivanou and the president of the Pakistani Community Association, Javed Aslam in the courtyard... More Information » « Less Information

Hellenic Parliament, Athens 105 57, Greece

Golden Dawn clash with police about the transfer of immigrants awaiting deportation to an army camp in Corinth 361 Verified

15:00 Aug 23, 2012

Golden Dawn clash with police about the transfer of immigrants awaiting deportation to an army camp in Corinth. The local MP Boukouras, along... More Information » « Less Information

Corinth, Greece

Houses of immigrants attacked by golden dawn members 6 Unverified

17:06 Aug 20, 2012

Three areas in Salamina were attacked by young members of Golden Dawn with bats and bricks, breaking the houses of migrants and chanting "blood,... More Information » « Less Information

Salamis Island, Greece

Mosque attacked during Ramadan 5 Unverified

20:00 Aug 17, 2012

A black car with the number plate YX28511 and a motorcycle drive past a Mosque in Peristeri on Ramadan and throw sound bombs at the Mosque.... More Information » « Less Information

Mosque in Peristeri, Greece

Young Bangladeshi attacked with glass bottle on bus 75 Unverified

15:00 Aug 16, 2012

22 year old Bangladeshi man attacked in Bus number 155 at Agios Dimitrios. Six men came in and beat him with a glass bottle while saying he... More Information » « Less Information

Agios Dimitrios, Greece

31-40 of 68 Reports
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