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3 people beat man wating for bus 6 Unverified

10:00 Jul 10, 2012

A man from Pakistan was waiting for a bus when three people came and started beating him. Someone called the police who arrived and arrested... More Information » « Less Information

Agii Anargiri, Greece

Man attacked by ten people on motorbikes, then saved by a taxi 4 Verified

16:40 Jul 08, 2012

A man from Pakistan waiting for a bus was surrounded by five motorcycles carrying ten people who told him that he was "dirty" and to "get out,... More Information » « Less Information

Nikaia, Greece

Three Pakistanis attacked by members of Golden Dawn 47 Verified

22:30 Jul 07, 2012

A group of Golden Dawn members attacked Pakistani immigrants who were sitting outside their house in Nikaia, outer Athens. As the Pakistanis... More Information » « Less Information

Οδό Ικτίνου, Nikaia, Greece

Two weeks of migrants being beaten up by fascists and police with over 30 severe injuries 9 Unverified

17:29 Jul 06, 2012

An anti-fascist demonstration was organised in response to the continuous attacks, where 12 people were arrested. After the demonstration the... More Information » « Less Information

Nikaia, Greece

Tunisian man attacked and beaten by three men in Patras harbour 4 Unverified

15:38 Jun 23, 2012

A Tunisian man attacked by three people near the old Πειραϊκής-Πατραϊκής factory as the 34-year old was walking along the railroad tracks. They... More Information » « Less Information

Close to the old factory Πειραϊκής-Πατραϊκής, Patra, Greece

House of five Egyptian fishermen attacked by Golden Dawn members, one severely injured 476 Verified

03:10 Jun 12, 2012

A group of 10-20 Golden Dawn members attacked the house of five Egyptian fishermen. They damaged two cars outside the house before beating up... More Information » « Less Information

Perama, Athens, Greece

Group of Pakistanis attacked by group of Greeks 11 Unverified

15:00 May 25, 2012

Group of Pakistanis attacked by group of Greeks who were also smashing up shops belonging to migrants. A 20 year old from Chalkida was subsequently... More Information » « Less Information

Vasiliko of Evoia, Greece

Migrants attacked by locals after 85 year old Greek woman is killed 213 Unverified

20:00 Mar 19, 2012

After a 85 year old Greek woman was killed, local inhabitants blamed migrants and attacked several. An 50 years old man from Albania was beaten... More Information » « Less Information

Episkopi, Creta, Greece

Man attacked on bus, busdriver intervenes 4 Unverified

20:00 Feb 03, 2012

A man from Pakistan was on the 711 bus when four fascists came and stated that all foreigners had to leave the bus. The bus driver tried to... More Information » « Less Information

Bus 711 from Agii Anargiri towards Attiki square, Greece

42 arrests and 2 injured as Golden Dawn members harass people at Omonia station 56 Unverified

21:55 Jan 29, 2012

After a Golden Dawn march a large group entered Omonia station and started harassing and beating migrants. Two were injured before police arrived... More Information » « Less Information

Omonia station, Greece

51-60 of 62 Reports
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