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Mosque attacked by more than 12 people on motorbikes 19 Unverified

14:40 Oct 27, 2012

As people where exiting Zikria mosque in Metamorfosi more than twelve people attacked and started beating three victims with punches and kicks.... More Information » « Less Information

Zikria Mosque in Metamorfosi, Athens, Greece

Golden Dawn members raid a house where migrants live and beat them 14 Unverified

23:00 Oct 19, 2012

Golden Dawn members raid a house where migrants live and beat them. Night time but exact time unknown. More Information » « Less Information

Ammoudara, Heraklion, Greece

Bangladeshi man robbed and abused by four young Greek men aged between 15 and 22 years old 5 Unverified

20:00 Oct 14, 2012

Four greeks 15,16,20 & 22 years old asked a man from Bangladesh to show them his papers and then they stole his mobile and 2 euros and tried... More Information » « Less Information

Katerini train station, Greece

attack to migrant workers in car wash 106 Unverified

17:00 Oct 05, 2012

On 05-10-2012 a van approached a car wash. About ten people who wore black clothes, two of them wearing t-shirts writing Golden Dawn on them,... More Information » « Less Information

Lavrio, Greece

Two Pakistani men attacked by group of five 10 Unverified

16:00 Sep 30, 2012

Two Pakistani men attacked by five fascists, punching them on the head and shouting "go back to your country". Two of the fascists were arrested... More Information » « Less Information

Elefsina, Greece

12 men break in to house of imam and beat one person 12 Unverified

00:00 Sep 29, 2012

12 men broke down the door of the house of the Pakistani communities main Imam, Sintiki. They smashed a window and beat up a 28 year-old, Navit,... More Information » « Less Information

Kontoglou 6, Athens, Greece

Prayer house attacked, one injured 5 Unverified

21:00 Sep 27, 2012

Pakistani prayer house attacked in Metamorfosi by fascist group with stones and bottles, injuring one. When people arrived to defend the place... More Information » « Less Information

Metamorfosi, Greece

DIAS police attack 27 year old migrant 6 Unverified

09:40 Sep 18, 2012

Four DIAS police on two motorbikes stopped some migrants and asked who was the oldest and who could speak Greek. 27 year old Tzaan Hasan (spelling... More Information » « Less Information

Corner of Thivon and Pelasgias, Athens, Greece

Pakistani owned hairdressers set on fire 7 Verified

20:30 Sep 10, 2012

Pakistani-owned hairdressers firebombed. Witness statement says a customer intervened in an argument between the owner and two white men and... More Information » « Less Information

Metamorfosi, Greece

31-40 of 62 Reports
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