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Attacks against street vendors in the historical city center 307 Unverified

14:31 Aug 10, 2013

Three separate attacks on migrant street vendors took place in the historical city center involving both police and fascist groups, possibly... More Information » « Less Information

Preveza, Greece

Golden Dawn beat street seller and throw him into a garbage bin, saved by witnesses 52 Unverified

21:00 Jul 24, 2013

In the evening of July 24, according to witnesses, a group of Golden Dawn members attacked and beat a migrant street seller and then threw him... More Information » « Less Information

Corfu, Greece

Golden Dawn attack home of migrants 302 Verified

18:57 Jul 21, 2013

Pretending to be police offices, six fascists entered the house of migrants in Tavros to "check their papers". When the migrants asked for the... More Information » « Less Information

Tavros, Athens, Greece

Golden Dawn members break into apartment and beat four people from Pakistan 1311 Unverified

21:30 Jul 12, 2013

Four Pakistanis aged 23, 31, 33 and 38 years old were in their ground floor apartment in Tavros when they heard loud knocks on the window and... More Information » « Less Information

Tavros, Athens, Greece

Two men beat three migrants with belt in bus 732 1807 Verified

12:00 Jun 01, 2013

Two men dressed in black entered the 737 bus and started beating thee migrants from Africa with a belt, and shouted «Μολών λαβέ». They threatened... More Information » « Less Information

732 OASA bus route Koliatsou - Paggrati

Two young men from Burkino Faso and Ghana beaten in Themistokleous 5 Verified

18:55 Feb 10, 2013

Five friends from Ghana and Burkino Faso were in Exarheia when police started chasing them. Two who had no immigration papers tried to escape... More Information » « Less Information

Themistokleous, Athens, Greece

25 year-old leaving mosque attacked by man on motorbike 7 Unverified

20:00 Feb 03, 2013

Man 25 year old leaving the Mosque in Peristeri was attacked by a man on a motorbike that had no license plate. When asked why he attacked the... More Information » « Less Information

Peristeri, Greece

Migrant attacked on bus 101 Verified

14:00 Feb 02, 2013

Five young men enter bus number B12, start punching migrant and attempt to steal his jacket. One female intervenes and is verbally abused. More Information » « Less Information

B12 bus in Fyli area, Greece

Seven facsists attack the home of a Pakistani man with clubs, hammers and knives 185 Verified

20:07 Jan 25, 2013

Seven facsists broke into the home of a Pakistani man with clubs, hammers and knives and steal his laptop, €40 and a mobile phone. More Information » « Less Information

Peristeri, Greece

11-20 of 62 Reports
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