Group of 20 people enter ISAP train shouting racist slogans and beating migrants with bats

15:00 Jan 28 2012 Monastiraki station, Athina, Greece

A group of 20 people enter an ISAP train at Monastiraki station, and, moving from train wagon to train wagon, shout racist slogans and beating migrants on the train with bats.

The ISAP workers union issued a statement condemning the attacks stating:
".. We are against any violence, racism and xenophobia. The expansion of poverty, high rates, unemployment and social devastation, which is the result of anti-labor policies implemented over time and increasing over the last two years, should not threaten any sense solidarity humanism and respect for human life. ...(they) should be confronted with the universal disapproval of workers, trade unions and the entire Greek population .... ".

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