Four hunger strikers beaten in detention

14:00 Feb 17 2013 Keratsini-Drapetsona, Greece

Four hunger strikers at Drapetsonas police department beaten by police after having been trasferred from Nikaias police department where the rest of the 12 hunger strikers are detained. One of the hunger strikers, Mohammad, testified that detainees at Drapetsonas police department were forced to beat him as a method to stop the hunger strike. Mohammad was moved to a hospital after the incident. The hunger strike began on the 12th of February 2013 at Nikaias police department after a policeman beat a detainee. The detainee was beaten after requesting to be moved to another police station in order to be able to sleep as there was not enough space to lie down in the cells - up to twelve migrants are held in cells that are built for three. The police at Drapetsonas police department are notorious for beating up migrants - in one incident the police broke the arm of a migrant.
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