Police beat and throw Afghan refugee from balcony

10:00 Jul 25 2012 Liosion, Athens, Greece

Statement made by Ahsan Hossin Zade while hospitalised: "On Wednesday 25/7/2012 two policemen entered the house where I live on Liosion at 10 a.m. The officers wore normal uniforms. They entered the house while keeping their hands on the baton and began asking me and my compatriots for money and told us to "bring all the money you have." Then my countrymen fled from the balcony using a fire escape ladder descending from the third floor. I stayed and tried to get away from the balcony. I told police "I have not done anything, what are you accusing me of?" Then two more policemen arrived and the earlier two left. When I told them that I had no money, the police began to beat me with batons and told me "Why don't you jump from the balcony? I will help you too." I was pushed from the balcony but held on to an iron post. The police continued to beat me until I fell from the balcony." He was then taken by ambulance to the hospital.
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