Two men from Pakistan detained, tortured and abused by police

20:30 Aug 14 2012 Egaleo, Greece

DIAS police hold up two Pakistani men riding their motorbike under the guise of checking their immigration papers, but proceed to verbally abuse them with racist jokes. The police asks one of them how much he earns in wages, he answers €1.100 pr month, then the police slaps him and says how can you earn that much.

When they find nothing of suspicion on them, but take a pair of pliers from the motorbike and then proceed to beat them and grab one mans fingers with the pliers, blackening his nails. He starts shouting and they beat them both badly. One of the Pakistani men shouts "just check our documents, why do you have to beat us!" The police then takes them to the police station where they beat them with their helmets and pound their heads on the wall.

One of the Pakistani men shouts "there must be some law!" and the police responds "I will show you the law" and takes a pair of scissors, shoves one of the Pakistani men to a mirror and cuts half of his mustache off and says "This is the law, the law is what we say and what we do".

The police were DIAS and stopped the two men as part of the Xenios Zeus operation.
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