Woman verbally assaulted by ticket-inspectors and police

13:25 Feb 7 2015 P. Faliro, trolleybus number 20, Athens, Greece

Saturday February 7, Μirella Lopez, of Peruvian decent, with her 5-year-old kid were verbally assaulted by 3 ticket-inspectors on trolleybus number 20 in Faliro. When she told them that she hadn't managed to renew her bus card, they started swearing at her and tried to drag her out of the bus calling the police. Despite being with crutches, she was cuffed and dragged to the police car.

She was taken to the police station of Kallipoli, where a gang of police officers were expecting her. She was attacked verbally, with sexual and sexist remarks. She was separated from her kid and kept locked up for 3 hours cuffed, without water, without access to the toilet and without her heart medicine.

Before she was released, a police officer forced her to tear her ID, her bus card and her bank card and told her "now you are not Greek anymore".
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