Five people beat a man from Bangladesh with brass knuckles

22:30 Aug 1 2014 In a deadend by the school campus

Five people beat a man from Bangladesh with brass knuckles
Account from Safraz, who was attacked:

"I was returning from work like every night. I took the first bus from Kallithea to Syntagma and then the tram to where I live. In Syntagma I see a lot of the same people on the tram -amongst them there was a young man I had seen the previous days. I went a stop after Amerikis square - he did the same. When he got off the tram he started talking to me and asked me where I was from, if I work somewhere and so on. I replied that I am from Pakistan and I work in Kallithea. I started to understand that something was wrong when he then asked if I had ever been attack in Kallithea. I asked him "why would I be attacked?" And he replied "There are several Golden Dawn members there." Then he asked me where I live. I answered "up there" and continued to walk. He paused for a while and started talking on the phone for about 30 seconds. Then he increased his pace and caught me from behind and grabbed me and again started telling me different things, until suddenly four other young men appeared. They wore black shirts and were stocky."

"The man that spoke to me came from behind and grabbed my hands, another closed my mouth and dragged me along the narrow road from Skiathos. It was evening and no one else was around. We walked for hours until we arrived at the Sports Centre. We met more people there and I was pushed up against some railings, it was dark I could not see anything. With my back to a wall they started to beat me with brass knuckles. I fell back and hit my head, blood running. Their blows swelled my eyes after the first five minutes I could see almost nothing. They had me down and kicked me, I was screaming "help" but nobody came. I thought I would die. I was thinking only of my daughter. You will never see her again. They continued to beat me for hours until someone passed by with a dog. They left quickly, while I was on the ground with blood running. I could not see anything, I could only hear the dog barking and the passer-by telling me to wait and to get help. Shortly after, the police came. A patrol car. And then the ambulance, I do not remember anything else."

Two police from the department of racist violence went to the hospital. They had an appointment with the brother of the victim, Vanti Malik, at the hospital. But Vanti did not manage to meet them as he was detained at Evaggelismos metro station (next to the hospital) during a police operation against migrants, even though he had legal papers.

The two police officers waiting for him called him as he was late
and Vanti explained them that he was detained in a police station. They then asked to speak with the police officer of that station. The officer got angry at Vanti because he thought that he had called the police, so he was not let go. When Vanti finally made it back to the hospital it was too late and the police from the department of racist violence had already left.

Safraz does not have medical insurance, so will not be able to undergo necessary surgery.
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