Pakistani man severely beaten and robbed by his employee when trying to get paid his wages

21:00 Feb 25 2014 Vorea 8, Marousi, Greece

An immigrant from Pakistan, a member of the Association of Waiters Chefs and other professions in the Food industry, was working in the cafe SCHERZO, Maroussi, Voreas 8, for about five months, working shifts of up to 12 hours a day, 30 days pr month, for 10 Euros per day. In a state of permanent hostage by his boss, apart from the cleaning of the cafe and scullery, he was also made to run personal errands for the his employer. When the employer decided that he would not pay the owed wages of 400 euros, the employee complained to the labor inspectorate. Infuriated, the boss severely beat the Pakistani man and stole his bag with money and personal documents while he remained three days in the hospital after the beating.

(Incident happened late February, exact date and time unverified).
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