Migrant attacked in Nikaia

16:00 Feb 9 2014 Perivolaki, Nikaia, Greece

In Perivolaki (Nikaia) at 16:00, according to background information in twitter, a refugee was rushed to hospital after racist attack against.

The statement of the Movement "Deport Racism-Nikaia/Korydallou":

Yesterday members of the Movement "Deport Racism-Nikaia/Korydallou" we tried to see if it really happened the incident which was spread on the internet, that a migrant was attacked by a group of Nazis and was covered in blood.

We went to Tzaneio hospital but the doctors refused to give further information, as we are not relatives. When we insisted, we were told that they have four such incidents per day and did not know to what incident we were referring to. When we specified the time, namely that the incident took place in the afternoon, we were told that one migrant actually went there and they gave him first aid, but that he had gone."
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