Iranian man has his ear bitten off is beaten and then faces deportation

21:00 Oct 18 2013 Metaxourgio, Athina, Greece

Saïd from Iran was talking on the phone on Metaxourghiou Square when he was attacked by three men dressed in black. "He bit my ear with his teeth, bleeding and my ear fell to the ground. A friend saw me, and we went with the severed ear in the hospital, but they did not manage to reattach it so I lost my ear."

He was hospitalized for a week in a public hospital as an emergency where he received treatment.

Vassilis Kerasiotis from the Greek Council for Refugees, who filed the complaint: "As a lawyer I can not go to the police when the victim has no papers. So the complaint was made by telephone."

After ignoring the case for almost three months the police find out where he lives and in a very friendly manner lead him to police headquarters to give a statement. At the police headquarters they ignore the fact that he was attacked, and instead take him to the Deportation Department where he faced deportation - within 6 days he had to leave the country. After intense pressure he was released with the word "go."

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