Walid Taleb from Egypt chained and tortured for 19 hours by employer

03:00 Nov 3 2012 Ippokratous, Salamis Island, Greece

29 year old Walid Taleb from Egypt is chained, kidnapped and held in a barn by his employer, the baker Georgios Sgourdas (former local councillor and deputy mayor for Nea Demokratia in Salamina) and Sgourdos' son for 19 hours while they torture and severely beat him, telling him they will kill him. In the early morning they leave for a moment and Walid manages to escape. He collapses at a nearby gas station (, unable to speak or move and is found some hours later. Taken to the hospital, the medical workers say he does not need attention and he is arrested for lack of documents and held in the police station for four days without medical attention. Sgourdas is arrested and released on bail a couple of days later.
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Kostas Katsaros (Sep 4 2013)
Thank you for the site and the report! I have some minor corrections to make: - The baker's name is Georgios Sgourdas (not Sgourdos). - The exact point that the victim collapsed was here: (I cannot find a way to point this to your map). I was there when the Egyptian was found, as I was living nearby. Feel free to ask for any related details.
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