Pakistani employee threatened and severely beaten by employer

13:00 Nov 24 2013 Porto Rafti, Greece

Pakistani employee threatened and severely beaten by employer
KEERFA reports: A racist attack against a migrant worker took place on Sunday 24/11 in Porto Rafti. The Pakistani worker was physical assaulted by his employer when he asked for the wages that they owed him.

Below is the testimony given to KEERFA and the Pakistani Community Association in Greece:

On Sunday 24/11 at 1pm I asked the boss to pay me as we agreed last week, to give me my normal wages and to partially repay what they owed me from earlier. He replied furiously "Get out, I have no money to give you. All you Pakistanis are shit, you're dirty. I'll fuck your mother."

When I insisted that he honors our agreement the boss started screaming, he grabbed my hand and put it on his genitals and shouted "take these. " I pulled my hand away and asked him why he was doing that. After he caught my fingers and twisted them backwards to break them.

The boss then went and grabbed a pair of pliers and threatened me that if I call the police and not leave he'd take out my nails!

"I'll send you in a box to Pakistan and thenwe'll see what migrants can do."

I didn't leave. Then the boss went to the drawer and took out a pistol and pointed it at my heart. He yelled " I'll kill you , I'll throw you back into the vines and say I do not know who did this. " When I took a step back he turned the gun upside down and hit me above the eye with the shaft. I started to bleed and ran to call on the Pakistani Community Association. He then pulled out another gun, a shotgun and threatened me.

Then he cried: "I have three friends, guys from the Golden Dawn. We'll go to your home, in the mosque, you and the others will go back to Pakistan dead."

The lawsuit was submitted at the Markopoulo Police Station immediately after the attack. The victim has six stitches over his eye and wounds to his hand.
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