Man attacked in his car on his way home from work

19:00 Nov 13 2013 Κολωνού, Athens, Greece

KEERFA reports: A man was attacked by another man dressed in black as he was heading home from work.

According to Vares Mohammad, he was on his way home from work when the vehicle in front of him suddenly stopped at a place with no traffick lights or stopping area. When he honked his horn the driver came out of his car and started punchin him in the face while shouting racist slogans. The attack stopped when an elderly began shouting. As thevictim tried to escape, the attacker threatened to find the victim at his workplace to beat him again.

KEERFA criticizes the practice of the Kolonou police station, where the victim was asked to pay a fee of 100 € just to be able to file a complaint, while the police did not help him out by recording the license plates of the perpetrator, so that he could have been arrested under the flagrant acts law.

(Exact time and place unverified)
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