Eye witness account: Golden Dawn members badly beat a migrant in Metaxourgeion

20:00 Nov 24 2013 Leonidou, Athens, Greece

We went to see the play Woyzeck in Attis theatre on Leonidou Street in Metaxourgeio on Sunday the 24th of November. Before we got to the show (at 7.20pm) some of us saw three fascists (shaved heads, big, black clothes) outside the theater. We did not pay much attention as we were not 100% sure that they were fascists.

Leaving the show at 21.00 we saw ambulances outside the theater and a patrol car told us that fascists (prob.the same ones we had seen earlier) had beaten up and had robbed an immigrant. Another immigrant who was there told us that he found him lying on the sidewalk in a pool of blood, that he was beaten by fascists and was abandoned for about an hour until the ambulance came.

He was probably not stabbed but he was very badly beaten. Ambulance and police left without further investigation.

We immediately contacted journalists and the anti-fascist committee Metaxourgeion to report what had happened.
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