Attacks on migrant neighbourhood by Golden Dawn members continues

20:00 Sep 10 2011 Aspropirgos, West Attica, Greece

As the severe attacks on migrants houses in Aspropyrgos continue Javed Aslam from the Pakistani Association meets with the police at Aspropyrgos who assure him that they will do their duty. The attacks carry on unhindered, so Javed returns to the police who state that they cannot do anything about the situation. Finally they agree to send one police man to accompany him to the site of the attacks. The policeman takes Javed there and leaves him. Three Pakistanis in a car manage to pick him up before he gets beaten and they go back to the police station to file a complaint. The police claim to not know what had happened and Javed and the other Pakistanis had to stand by unable to help or intervene as the 50 members of Golden Dawn continued to beat people and break into houses. Twenty-three people where injured.

(The exact days and sequence of events unclear. Severe attacks took place throughout the weekend and a number of attacks throughout the following week).
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