Golden Dawn members break into apartment and beat four people from Pakistan

21:30 Jul 12 2013 Tavros, Athens, Greece

Four Pakistanis aged 23, 31, 33 and 38 years old were in their ground floor apartment in Tavros when they heard loud knocks on the window and the door.

Outside were four black clad people, a two in their twenties, the other between 30 and 35. Two remained outside, the other two entered. "Security, show us your papers papers" they said. The Pakistanis, who live legally in the country, began to protest but the intruders shouted "We are Golden Dawn", and started punching and kicking them. The Pakistani's escaped, as they trashed the apartment. The neighbors looked surprised, but did not get involved. The perpetrators were not strangers in the neighborhood.

Source: efsyn.gr
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