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Woman verbally assaulted by ticket-inspectors and police 50 Unverified

13:25 Feb 07, 2015

Saturday February 7, Μirella Lopez, of Peruvian decent, with her 5-year-old kid were verbally assaulted by 3 ticket-inspectors on trolleybus... More Information » « Less Information

P. Faliro, trolleybus number 20, Athens, Greece

Three women and nine children killed as Greek coast guards threaten and force them out to sea where they drown 270 Verified

10:00 Jan 20, 2014

The boat that held 16 men survived, many of them lost their whole family. One witness: “The Coast Guard tried to tow us to Turkey and, due... More Information » « Less Information

Farmakonisi, Greece

Pakistani man is attacked with stones and threatened at gunpoint 10 Unverified

12:00 Nov 29, 2013

KEERFA reports: "On Friday, November 29 at noon in Amfiali, a Pakistani immigrant Mohammed Menhir was attacked with stones and threatened with... More Information » « Less Information

Amfiali, Keratsini, Greece

Man attacked in his car on his way home from work 38 Unverified

19:00 Nov 13, 2013

KEERFA reports: A man was attacked by another man dressed in black as he was heading home from work. According to Vares Mohammad, he was on... More Information » « Less Information

Κολωνού, Athens, Greece

22 year-old from Somalia attacked by three men in black 343 Unverified

20:00 Sep 20, 2013

As Fachat Mohammed Buton from Somalia was walking through Attiki square he was attacked and beaten by three men dressed in black shouting racist... More Information » « Less Information

Platia Attiki, Greece

Seven year-old Roma girl playing the accordion pushed and shoved by older woman for "not paying taxes" 186 Unverified

15:26 Sep 17, 2013

Young Roma girl playing the accordion is pushed away and shoved by a middle aged woman with her foot who tells everyone around that the girl... More Information » « Less Information

By the Acropolis, Dionysiou Areopagitou, Athens, Greece

Afghani man attacked by Golden Dawn in Volos 531 Unverified

22:16 Sep 01, 2013

A friend from Afghanistan was attacked by members of Xrisi Avgi (Golden Dawn) in Volos. He was on his own and two women started teasing him.... More Information » « Less Information

Volos, Greece

Attack on a migrant by a group in a car 257 Unverified

14:35 Aug 10, 2013

8km outside of Preveza centre a man was ambushed and attacked by people in a car. (Exact place and time and any further details about this... More Information » « Less Information

8km outside of Preveza, Greece

Attacks against street vendors in the historical city center 307 Unverified

14:31 Aug 10, 2013

Three separate attacks on migrant street vendors took place in the historical city center involving both police and fascist groups, possibly... More Information » « Less Information

Preveza, Greece

Golden Dawn forbid foreigners to use sidewalks and a "curfew" after for 10pm 894 Unverified

16:23 Jul 31, 2013

Members of Golden Dawn have been intimidating locals and migrants in the area of Ambelokipi, forbidding migrants to use a playground and specific... More Information » « Less Information

Ampelokipi, Athina, Greece

1-10 of 68 Reports
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