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Pakistani man attacked "for looking at a girl" 186 Unverified

22:00 May 05, 2015

A man from Pakistan named Adnan was attacked by 4 people. One of them hit him while the other three held him. The excuse was that he had looked... More Information » « Less Information

Platia Laou, Keratsini, Greece

12 street vendors beaten and arrested at ASOEE 12 Unverified

15:00 Apr 08, 2014

Without warning or reason, 12 street vendors and 1 student were surrounded by DELTA forces chased, beaten and arrested. The student was released... More Information » « Less Information

ASOEE, Athens

Migrant attacked in Nikaia 8 Unverified

16:00 Feb 09, 2014

In Perivolaki (Nikaia) at 16:00, according to background information in twitter, a refugee was rushed to hospital after racist attack against.... More Information » « Less Information

Perivolaki, Nikaia, Greece

Migrant man beaten in Petrou Ralli 11 Unverified

15:00 Feb 09, 2014

A migrant (male) was beaten by fascists in Nikaia, at Petrou Ralli street. It happened in the afternoon. No more information. More Information » « Less Information

Petrou Ralli, Nikaia

Three women and nine children killed as Greek coast guards threaten and force them out to sea where they drown 270 Verified

10:00 Jan 20, 2014

The boat that held 16 men survived, many of them lost their whole family. One witness: “The Coast Guard tried to tow us to Turkey and, due... More Information » « Less Information

Farmakonisi, Greece

Racist attack and injury of a 15 years old Polish boy 8 Unverified

00:50 Dec 03, 2013

The boy was suddenly beaten by an unknown man with a club at the face and broke his teeth. [time of the attack not specified] More Information » « Less Information

Syntagma Square, Athens, Greece

Pakistani man is attacked with stones and threatened at gunpoint 10 Unverified

12:00 Nov 29, 2013

KEERFA reports: "On Friday, November 29 at noon in Amfiali, a Pakistani immigrant Mohammed Menhir was attacked with stones and threatened with... More Information » « Less Information

Amfiali, Keratsini, Greece

Man attacked in his car on his way home from work 38 Unverified

19:00 Nov 13, 2013

KEERFA reports: A man was attacked by another man dressed in black as he was heading home from work. According to Vares Mohammad, he was on... More Information » « Less Information

Κολωνού, Athens, Greece

Afghani man attacked by Golden Dawn in Volos 531 Unverified

22:16 Sep 01, 2013

A friend from Afghanistan was attacked by members of Xrisi Avgi (Golden Dawn) in Volos. He was on his own and two women started teasing him.... More Information » « Less Information

Volos, Greece

Attack on a migrant by a group in a car 257 Unverified

14:35 Aug 10, 2013

8km outside of Preveza centre a man was ambushed and attacked by people in a car. (Exact place and time and any further details about this... More Information » « Less Information

8km outside of Preveza, Greece

1-10 of 62 Reports
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