While the rise of neo-nazism in Greece has been reported widely, the extent of the violence and the spread of everyday racism is not very well understood in the rest of Europe. The aim of this map is to act as a constantly updated public record of these attacks and as a tool for organising and communicating amongst anti-fascist/ anti-racist initiatives.

Methodologically this map is based on crowdsourcing, this means that everyone can submit information about an incident. Every effort is made for the information to be verified, but this is not always possible. In that case incidents are not published or if they are published are flagged as unverified. If you have evidence that any of the incidents are unverified or false please contact us. 

But who are we? We are a group doing research on the impact of the crisis on urban spaces in Athens, including the rise in racist violence in the city and beyond. The map has been developed as part of our project “City at a Time of Crisis”:


We are unaffiliated with any political party and several of us have been active in the area of counter information across Europe for some years.

Reports can be submitted anonymously but require that you submit an email address so that we can contact you if we need to clarify any details (all email addresses will be secure and hidden from the public). We accept reports in most languages and will translate them into English for the map.

The crisis-scape project ended in May 2014, so support for the map has been sporadic since then due to lack of resources. We are keen for this project to continue in a meaningful way, so if you/ your group would like to take over this infrastructure, get in touch on: info AT crisis-scape.net

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